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Take a little trip and discover the worlds’ deepest metro station here in the capital of Ukraine.

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If you want to have an escalator ride up and down, you will need two tickets if you exit the metro at the top

The city of Kyiv has plenty of metro stations at tourists’ disposal. And it is something that truly befits a metropolis like this one. Arsenalna metro station is a part of Sviatoshynsko – Brovarska Line. Situated in a depth of 105.5 meters, it represents the deepest metro station across the globe.

Something that visitors can usually notice here is the design of the metro station and its environment. It totally differs from the rest of the city and its central concourse. By the appearance, it is similar to the famous London Underground, a rapid transit system situated in London, the capital of England.

What makes this metro station so special is closely connected with the geographical position of Kyiv. Namely, the city itself is situated on a hill that is 300 feet high and is located near the Dnieper River. With this in mind, it is noticeable that transportation in the capital of Ukraine, especially the underground one, has to be unmistakable and genuinely constructed. As the architects of Arsenalna metro station, G. Granatkin, N. Shchukina, and S. Krushynsky knew that, they took things into their own hands and thoroughly planned the construction of this station. 

Although the station is located higher than the river, it is still hard to keep up with the steep environment. A valuable piece of information for the tourists is that accessibility to Arsenalna can be quite complicated. It takes multiple platforms and escalators to reach it, which can cause impatient people to choose long steps instead of waiting for the train. When it comes to the stations’ environment, there is a nearby Arsenal Factory from the 18th century by which the station got its name. This facilities’ main purpose was related to production equipment for the Russian Army. 

The architecture of the station is also a thing that many visitors often emphasize. There are visible pylons on the edges that are made in cohesion with its portals. They make people aware that they are located beneath the ground. However, those pillars are constructed for decorating purposes and not to provide stability to the structure. Bronze grill walls in addition to pink marble perfectly describe the historic appearance and longevity of the metro station.

There is a local story that a billionth passenger of the metro station got stopped, back in 1972, by authorities and was rewarded with a free ticket that was covering annual accessibility. It is being said that it was delivered by the main systems’ engineer himself.

Nearest Metro Arsenalna Address Arsenalna Station, Kyiv, Ukraine Open Every Day

How to Find Find the metro, enter and descend the two very long escalators.

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