With more promotions than it’s rival, this Estonian based taxi app is certainly worth a look.

Top Tip

They don't have as many cars as Uber so are often "Busy". Compare Bolt, Uber and Uklon for the best price each time.

Previously known as Taxify until March 2019, Bolt is the main competitor to Uber and Uklon in Kyiv. This Estonian company launched also in 2016 and the app works almost exactly the same as it’s rival. You pick a destination, car class, pay by card and a car will come and pick you up.

The cars are a very similar standard to Uber, even so you shouldn’t be surprised if an Uber branded car picks you up or vice versa as most drivers seem to use both apps.

Fares & Prices

Fares are very similar to Uber, but generally Bolt has better promotions. Everytime you open the app there is usually some discount of at least a few hryvnias to 30% off for example.

There is no flat fee to Boryspil airport, but the price is always around 330 UAH and they don’t seem to have as many surges as Uber

Car Classes

Bolt currently has 5 different car options in the city:

  • Bolt/Standard – Comparable to UberX, a standard car.
  • Comfort – A little bit better than standard, comparable to UberSelect.
  • Green – Electric, zero emission cars.

Standard is fine for short journeys and comfort is often not much more so sometimes worth the extra.

Bolt/Taxify Example to Boryspil
Bolt/Taxify Example to Boryspil

4.3 ₴₴ Limited English 19th April 2019
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