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Discover all the beauties from the park that is situated in a so-called “historical neighborhood”. Great place for some group or individual travel.

Top Tip

Admission for kids under the age of 7 is free of charge.

It is well-known that the capital of Ukraine boils from natural beauties that can’t stop enchanting its visitors. Feofaniya Park is a place where all nature lovers dream of coming. Situated on a tract close to the southern outskirts of Kyiv, it offers remarkable pleasure and is a great attraction to visit. With a coverage of 1.5 square kilometres of area, it has more than enough surface to satisfy all of its visitors.

This park is famous because of many different things. But the first that commonly comes to mind is the beginning of the first Soviet computer, known as MESM. It was built on this ground. Furthermore, this park is popular due to its big history.

Namely, this entire area was first mentioned in 1471 and was under the ownership of a man called “Khodiki”. However, the Feofaniya that we know today has existed since 1803. During this period, Theophanes-Shylanov-Cherniavsky, a member of the Byzantine aristocracy, settled in the area. He decided to give it the name that is present today.

The historical value of this whole area becomes even bigger if we know that it belonged to the famous religious facility of Kyiv, “St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery” during the 1860s. Back then, all the buildings were decorated and constructed in the famous Ukrainian-Baroque style. However, they didn’t have that luxury of long existence and eventually got demolished.

This place was even considered a Soviet state farm in 1919. Later on, it was transformed into an observatory for the institute of Botany that was part of the Ukrainian Academy of Science. It has possessed the status of the park since 1972 and is being considered a government-designated park 20 years later. During that period, the park was under massive reconstruction that resulted in additions like canal and water features as well as new landscaping. 

The Biggest Attractions & Things to Do in the Area

This phenomenal park has plenty of things to offer at its disposal. Despite its huge history, it also has plenty of interesting attractions that tourists like visiting. Firstly, it can be good to know that it is located around the Church of St. Pantaleon. It is a massive Eastern Orthodox church that is similar to Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

Something that truly characterizes Feofaniya park is its natural connotation, greenery, and natural beauties that everyone likes. Here you can see dozens of lakes and a playground intended for children. All those parts are typical for taking photos and making nice collections of them. 

Also, one of the most popular parts of this park is a worship spring called “Tears of the Mother of God”. Besides, another spring is known for its stable temperatures. During the winter, it never drops below 4 degrees Celsius while in the summer it never goes above 8. 

This fantastic park is perfect for families with kids where they can spend their time on this beautiful piece of land.

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How to Find Take marshrutka 444 from the Teremky metro station

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