Kiev FunicularOpen Every Day

Take this 3 minute trip for amazing views over the Dnipro river and surrounding area.

Top Tip

Stand up for the best view at the front of the train

This 114 year old funicular is 238 metres in length and goes from Mykhailivska at the upper station down to Poshtova at the lower station in around 3 minutes. As you are travelling up or down on one of the two cars you’ll see wonderful views over the river Dnipro.

At the top you can visit Saint Michael’s Monastery and Saint Sophia’s Cathedral and are you are just 5 minutes walk to Andriivs’kyi descent. At the bottom you can visit the river port and Kontraktova Ploshcha.

How to Use

The cost of a single trip is 8 UAH, the same as buses and the metro. To use the funicular, just go into one of the two stations and you have a choice of payments:

  • Kyiv Smart Card – Tap the card on the turnstile to enter
  • PayPass – If you have a Mastercard contactless card or mobile wallet (Google Pay, Apple Wallet), simply tap your card or device on the reader
  • Cash – If you wish to pay by cash, you need to queue at the ticket booth and buy a token which you need to put in the slot in the turnstile

Once through the turnstile wait on the steps for the next funicular.

It can get very busy at peak periods going up, so you’re best option is to take the trip down (the view is the same!)

Kyiv Funicular Queues
It can get very busy at peak periods so be prepared to queue!

Nearest Metro Poshtova Ploshcha Address Kiev Funicular, Kyiv, Ukraine Open Every Day

How to Find As you exit the metro, look to your left and you'll see an arched building

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