Kyivska perepichka, Bohdana Khmel'nyts'koho StreetOpen Every Day

Stop by to grab a bite of this fantastic street food in Kyiv. Allow yourself to try some of the best delicacies in the country and fill your appetite quickly.

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Alongside its famous sausages, people can take some drinks in the store like tea, coffee, or Coca Cola.

Kyivska Perepichka is one of the most popular street food corners in the entire city. Situated nearby the famous Khreshchatyk, it is a well-visited place each year. This fantastic store is characterized by constantly crowded rows of visitors who are desperate to try some of the national cuisines’ stuff. In the majority of cases, 2 kind workers will make the service in the best possible way. 

Another important thing about Kyivska Perepichka is that many different kinds of people visit it frequently. It’s not just the locals who enjoy beautiful pieces of food. Dozens of businessmen, old men, youngsters, and students can be seen waiting in a row. 

Like every place that offers catering services, this one also has something that people like the most. Even though it is often hard to choose, tourists rate mild sausages that are wrapped in fried dough, kind of like a hot dog doughnut. It is an emphasized speciality of this street food facility that never ceases to amaze anyone. However, that is the only thing you can find at the store but it is priceless. For the ones who can’t wait too long, there are a few standing tables set in front. 

The History Of Kyivska Perepichka

Known as the Ukrainian hot dog, this street food started to expand rapidly since its inauguration in 1981. The first version of this place was actually a kiosk situated in the centre of the city. Bogdan Khmelnitsky street is located near Khreshchatyk, which affected the growth of this facility. Consequently, this fantastic tourist attraction has become considered a truly valuable local institution.

Something that can be taken to its advantage is its historical environment too. It awakens some nostalgic emotions in the hearts of locals indeed. But it is also valuable to tourists, especially foreign ones, who like to see Kyivs’ tradition and epic culture.

Standing near the main street of the capital city, it is not hard to remember the past, the Soviet era. This historical area abounds with many architectural masterpieces. And that only gives visitors of Kyivska Perepichka a new, better impression. 

Since the beginning, this astonishing place was focused on providing people with delicious and remarkable food. Its uniqueness and special taste is something known even today. 

Nearest Metro Teatralna, Khreshchatyk Address Kyivska perepichka, Bohdana Khmel'nyts'koho Street, Kyiv, Ukraine Open Every Day

How to Find Just off Khreshchatyk street near Tsum shopping centre you will usually see a line of people queuing on the street

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