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Trams in Kyiv

Trams, Light Rail & Forest Tram

This rapid transport is popular a popular and cheap choice for locals. Find out about the unique Forest Tram line too!

Bus in Kyiv

Buses & Trolleybuses

Buses are quick and frequent in the city and essential for visiting anywhere not reachable by metro.

Kyiv Smart Card

Kyiv Smart Card

Kyiv is going cashless with the introduction of a smart card system for transport in the city. Where can it be used and what are the benefits?

Uklon in Kyiv

Uklon in Kyiv

The original Ukrainian taxi app has been redesigned for the modern era, but can it compete with it’s international rivals Uber and Bolt?

Bolt (Taxify) Kyiv

Bolt/Taxify in Kyiv

With more promotions than it’s rival, this Estonian based taxi app is certainly worth a look.

Uber in Kyiv

Uber in Kyiv

Everyone knows Uber and they are now here in Ukraine too. This cheap and affordable service is a quick way to get around.

Colourful Pissing Boys

Landscape Alley

A unique park with abstract sculptures featuring Alice in Wonderland among other obscurities.

Zhuliany Airport, Kyiv

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany)

The smaller of the two Kyiv airports, Zhuliany is closest to the centre and just 15 minutes from the centre.

Kyiv International Boryspil Airport

Boryspil International Airport

The main airport for Kyiv is situated around 30km from the centre of the city. Find out the best and quickest way to get from and to the airport.

Beer Set

Andersen Brand Pub

A modern and cosy place to visit with friends and enjoy their home-brewed selection of craft beer including some seasonal surprises.

Ostrich Farm

Ostrich Valley

Get up close and personal with the ostriches at the largest Ostrich Farm in Kyiv. Afterwards you can even taste ostrich meat in the restaurant.

Kyiv Mule Cocktail

The Last Barricade

Also known as Ostannya Barykada in Ukrainian, this well kept secret hidden below the main Independence Square in Kyiv is a must visit.