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Visit this phenomenal Ukrainian estate where former Prime Minister and the President afterward, Viktor Yanukovich lived. A truly great building to see.

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Since 2014, the estate has been turned into a museum that displays luxurious belongings from the previous, famous owner

The entire region around the capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv, is well-known for its magnificent architectural designs from the past. Mezhyhirya Residence is surely amongst them. This estate has a huge cultural and traditional value for Ukrainians. As a previous residence of the former President of Ukraine and a Prime Minister, it contains a piece of national history that lasts for almost a full century.

The building was first constructed as a monastery that was functioning in waves. It means that it frequently implies opening and closing dates. These irregular working hours led to monasteries’ official shut down in 1923 by a radical, and revolutionary Marxist faction called Bolsheviks. This decision by this faction’s founder Vladimir Lenin was brought due to the establishment of the Soviet Union. 

Since 1935, this facility has gained the status of government residence. Communist Party of the Soviet Union, which was a founding political party of the Soviet Union, was the first who took this house as a residence. Afterward, the house was delivered to Independent Ukraine and it was their residence until 2007 when it finally became private. The State of Administration Affairs rented space from an association called Tantalite. Eventually, just 2 years later, the house was returned to state ownership.

Nowadays, the building covers an area of 140 hectares. For comparison, the entire principality of Monaco spreads on 195 hectares. But when you realize that Monaco has over 30.000 inhabitants, and Mezhyhirya Residence only one, the difference is quite visible. Situated on the Dnieper rivers’ shores, it contains many different recreational facilities and benefits. From tennis courts, dog kennel, golf course, shooting range, and a paid helicopter, to even a small church and multiple fountains. It has everything that a man needs. 

What is perhaps the biggest attraction on this ground is a museum that shows many cars from Yanukovichs’ time. Since his inauguration, this building has proclaimed a period of a golden age as that’s how everyone saw it. All the buildings that were constructed during the Soviet reign have been completely demolished. On their sites, a 5-story palace made of logs and stone was built.

Today, this magnificent facility is considered a museum. Both interior and exterior are well-preserved. Visitors usually have a couple of hours at their disposal. Something that amazes them the most is often wooden panelling for staircases whose worth is estimated at over 200.000 dollars. However, one that leaves a great impression is a chandelier that can be seen inside. Now, tourists are able to take pictures of many different statues inside the house that were built to emphasize the importance of the building itself. If someone would like to feed ducks at the nearby pond, it will demand some additional costs.

From nearby restaurants, visitors often visit Bistro Pekarya which offers an Italian-European grill.

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