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National Opera And Ballet Of Ukraine is one of the most visited places of cultural significance in a whole country. A piece of history that amazes everyone!

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The golden-domed St. Sophias’ Cathedral and Shevchenko National University are situated nearby.

Visiting Kyiv implies discovering plenty of breath-taking facilities, streets, and places of big value. As a city with a long history, this metropolis is among the most visited in Eastern Europe. For lovers of cultural places with historical importance, the National Opera And Ballet Of Ukraine awaits restlessly. 

This place has existed since 1867. It shows enough how valuable it is for Ukrainians and their tourists. After Lviv Opera and Odessa Opera, it is the 3rd oldest Opera House in the country. The building is also named by the Ukrainian writer, artist, and poet Taras Shevchenko. Hence, some people call it “Taras Shevchenko National Academic Opera And Ballet Theatre Of Ukraine ”. 

The first impression tourists usually get is looking at the architecture of this facility. It truly catches the eye of its observers. After sudden and devastating conflagration in the 1980s, this building managed to get restored completely. Luckily, all the modern amenities are saved. It is assumed that millions of visitors have passed through the halls of this phenomenal cultural place. Artworks like “Swan Lake” could be frequently seen in the past years. 

This Opera House is situated in the centre of Kyiv. And alongside many other significant buildings, it represents a treasure for both tourists and domestic people. As at any other Opera and Ballet house, here you can see many different theatre performances, ballet and concert shows, and other pieces of art. However, what makes this one so special is its originality, longevity, and variety. 

Here, many modern artworks are regularly displayed. What characterizes it the most is its adaptability to any age. The content that is offered here fits children’s satisfactions but also much older ones. Dozens of renowned authors often show their famous productions. Operas that are sung in Russian, French, and Italian can be noticed at this place. Furthermore, if you are willing to know some additional information about it, there is a website available where people can see all the necessary details about the Kyiv Opera House programs.

With more than 1300 seats available at the facility, the National Opera And Ballet Of Ukraine provides unforgettable experiences for its spectators. For a theatre, it is a great number indeed.

Something that must be emphasized is how this place managed to survive a lot of hard times and tough situations. Just when you realize that it continued to exist even after World War II, Ukrainian Peoples’ Republics’ rise and fall, and a massive renewal in 1988, the true value of it can be completely understood.

If you get hungry after seeing some of the beautiful performances, there is a Japanese restaurant called “Nakama Sushi” just half of a mile away. If you never tried their food, maybe this will be the best chance to do it.

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