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Pyrohiv territory is the host of the Pirogovo Open-Air Museum that represents an astonishing, historic piece of folk architecture of Ukraine.

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Don’t forget to meet locals dressed in national clothing and find out some impressive details about museums’ history.

Kyiv is among the shortlist of tourist destinations that can offer dozens of different and unique places of historical importance to see. Pirogovo Open-Air Museum is a complex of outdoor folk monuments, buildings, and other things of massive traditional, historical, and national significance. It was founded in 1969 and since then, it offers over 300 unforgettable experiences. For each section and building separately, there is a totally new, unique experience for the visitors. That’s why it is so special and wanted by the tourists. It’s similar to Mamayeva Sloboda which is closer to the centre, but Pirogovo is on a much larger scale.

Like an open-air museum, it is an outdoor place filled with magnificent pieces of history ready to be seen, talked about, pictured, and remembered. This museum possesses artifacts and objects that were carefully reassembled from a lot of different places across the entire Ukraine. Situated on a vivid, colorful hill, this complex is divided into sections. Each section has its own story and represents special folk architectures of different regions.

The most recognized building is also the oldest one. It is a church called “Naddnipryanska” that was built in 1742. Through truly inspiring walking tours around the museum territory, you can see plenty of households and items of huge value for the country of Ukraine. Old textiles, carpets from ancient times, costumes, and ceramics, and just a small piece of an endless list of things at disposal. Furthermore, wooden shops and mills can also find their place in your picture gallery, right? The wooden mills at the museum often represent one of the highest-rated attractions and a true, priceless thing to see.

This place is like a magnet for those who like exploring the way people lived in the past. That’s what gives this whole territory a special connotation. Social and economic aspects of traditional village life are something that leaves many tourists, mostly historians, speechless. 

The undulating terrain filled with constant fresh air is like heaven for people with possible health issues. It is so healthy that many go without any previous consequences. For those who have limited walking possibilities, some bikes can be hired. They are mostly used when tourists get tired of walking tours. But, that’s on themselves to decide what will be the cause of hiring a bike, isn’t that correct? 

Something that can be useful for visitors is tour guides whose duty is to lead customers through the museum and show the most beautiful things. They possess a great knowledge of the English language so issues of this kind will never be a problem.

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