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Spending a day trip to Chernobyl, one of the most fascinating places in the entire world that didn’t stop to amaze even today

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There is a TV series made of a couple of episodes about the disaster and how it happened which can be useful to see

It is fair to say that Chernobyl represents the most astonishing travel destination for all tourists who choose Ukraine as their next place to go. Naturally, speaking about this place is mainly focused on the catastrophe from the past, its causes, and its impact in today’s world. Before a massive exploration of nuclear reactors that happened back in 1986, this place was a nuclear power plant host. Situated near Pripyat, Chernobyl, this historical place has been considered one of the most impactful areas and a place where the biggest nuclear disaster in the history of humankind appeared.

That is what this magnificent area is known worldwide for. Unfortunately, an explosion took away many innocent lives and caused radiation that spread miles away. In terms of casualties and cost, the Chernobyl disaster has been nominated as a rank 7 by severity which puts it above even the famous Fukushima Daiichi nuclear catastrophe. 

This fantastic place truly offers a culmination of emotions as soon as the visitors’ feet touch its ground. But as many of you may already know, there are procedures and instructions to be followed before gaining permission to visit this area. How big the explosion was can witness remains of radioactive areas that are still present, even almost 4 decades after it happened. But regardless of that, it is not prohibited to visit it, of course.

As this place carries a huge name and history upon its back, it only attracts people with enough courage to come here. There are many prejudices among the people that this area is dangerous for visiting. But no one should fall for those fake conclusions as no one can get hurt as long as he follows the rules. You can often find experienced tour guides that will know what to suggest to you and what measures are important for your safety. 

A totally extraordinary experience awaits anybody who comes and visits Chernobyl. For a day trip, there are usually organized trips via buses or mini buses for certain prices. All of the trips include a tour guide which gives tourists enough confidence and clears any suspicions related to their safety. This place has a magical atmosphere. Its biggest tourist attractions are Red Forest and a Nuclear Reactor 4 which are both an inevitable part of each day-trip tour. When you come from an active, urban place to this desolated area filled with remains of the disaster from the past, it will take some time to adapt to it. Shortly, you will gain a new perspective of the place that will leave remarkable memories for a lifetime.

Pictures of contaminating areas are often seen and the central part zone can still have some chemical elements present. That’s why people shouldn’t keep in those specific areas for too long. Also, sometimes it can be recommended by the tour guide or local authorities to wear a special suit if you are considering a visit to the central zone. Single-day trips always include a tour guide and comfortable transportation. The only thing you have to do is declare the meeting point and the time of it. 

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