The Ukrainian State Museum Of The Great Patriotic War

The Ukrainian State Museum Of The Great Patriotic War

This museum is also known as “National Museum Of The History Of Ukraine In The Second World War” represents a piece of Ukrainian military history.

Park Kyyivsʹka Rusʹ

Park Kyyivsʹka Rusʹ

If you ever wondered whether you can find the entertainment of a lifetime in Kyiv Oblast, this fantastic park will surely fulfil your expectations.

Mezhyhirya Residence

Mezhyhirya Residence

Visit this phenomenal Ukrainian estate where former Prime Minister and the President afterward, Viktor Yanukovich lived. A truly great building to see.

Motherland Monument

Motherland Monument

Motherland Monument in Kyiv represents one of the biggest tourist attractions in the entire Ukraine and is a world-known facility.

Kyiv Fortress

Kyiv Fortress

This phenomenal complex of Russian fortifications situated in the capital of Ukraine represents an architectural monument of big significance.

Golden Gate, Kyiv

Golden Gate

The Golden Gate in Kyiv represents an indestructible piece of Ukrainian history that dates from the 11th century.

Koi Fish - Water Museum, Kyiv

Water Museum

An educational experience ideal for families to learn everything there is to know about water. You can even sit on a giant toilet for a photo!

Pirogovo Open-Air Museum

Pirogovo (Pyrohiv) Open-Air Museum

Pyrohiv territory is the host of the Pirogovo Open-Air Museum that represents an astonishing, historic piece of folk architecture of Ukraine.

Old Care Land, Kyiv State Aviation Museum

State Aviation Museum

A great day out for all the family at this outdoor museum celebrating the best of Ukrainian and international aircraft design.

Mamayeva Sloboda, Kyiv

Mamayeva Sloboda

A historic open air museum in the heart of Kyiv where you can see traditional houses and eat typical Ukrainian dishes.

Pereiaslav Space Church

A 130 year old church housing a unique space museum, not far from Kyiv.

Kyiv in Miniature - St. Nicholas Church

Kyiv in Miniature

See the highlights of Kyiv and Ukraine in a this outdoor miniature model village, they have cats too!