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So you love to watch cinema and the latest new releases, but can’t understand the local language or perhaps you are still learning and would like to watch an English film with Ukrainian subtitles to pick up some of the language? One option is to have a look though all the different cinemas web sites (Planet Kino, Oscar, Butterfly, etc) and look for one of the films which is suffixed with Оригінальна мова (Original Language). You’ll often find maybe one or two film showings per week per cinema if you are lucky.

But why waste your time with all of that when there are now 2 regularly updated resources for finding English films in Kyiv:

A newly launched web site from Klaus Jensen who was fed up of manually searching for listings every month has developed an automated site which fetches English movies from each of the individual cinema’s sites and published them in an easy to use format. You can also sign up to receive a weekly newsletter with the latest listings.

Web Site:

English Language Movies in Kyiv Facebook Group

Every Thursday, ALMA language school posts a seasonally themed graphic showing a table of all English films in the city organised by day and cinema for the upcoming week. In the list you’ll find a mix of recent films and some more classic cinema often from film festivals that are happening in the city. There’s usually discussion around films too and people come together to try and persuade cinemas to show more English films and share film showings which were missed from the weekly table.

Facebook Group: English Language Movies in Kyiv

Example Schedule of English Cinema in Kyiv
Example Schedule of English Cinema in Kyiv


Prices for cinema in Kyiv are very reasonable ranging from around 80 UAH to 200 UAH for more popular evening showings. You can even upgrade to VIP seating for not much more with large leather seats with movable footrests and sometimes even at seat food/bar service (Relux in Planet Kino for example).

By law every film shown in cinemas in Ukraine should either be dubbed in Ukrainian or have Ukrainian subtitles since that is the official language of the country. You can also see this to an extent on Ukrainian TV where Russian speakers often have subtitles in Ukrainian.

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