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Independence Square in the capital of Ukraine represents the heart of this country. It is one of the most fascinating areas in the entire city.

Top Tip

Try to visit on the 24th August on independence day when there is a usually a military parade.

The city of Kyiv is well-known for its phenomenal architectural designs and things of historical significance. It is a place that boils of activity and a variety of things that visitors can see. Independence Square, known locally as Maidan Nezalezhnosti is one of the most popular places in the entire Ukraine and not just it’s capital. Located in the center of the city, access to it is much easier. People can’t lose themselves. But if that happens, there are many taxi driving services which will take you to the square. 

As dozens of interesting things describe the main place of Kyiv, tourists have the opportunity to take a picture of all of them and remember their experiences. The square itself represents an important part of Ukrainian history. Some visitors call it “The history itself”. And that is what amazes them the most. The value of Independence Square is too big not to be respected. 

This area was a place where the council and assembly were situated in the 19th century. This square is also known as a host of 4 political rallies that happened in Kyiv between 1990 and 2014. Perhaps one that left the biggest impact on its citizens is the last one called Euromaidan (2013-2014). Even though the square is often filled with crowds due to many entertaining events, those had to be transmitted to different locations. The last political rally caused many deaths and because of it, the government brought a decision to move entertainment to other squares across the city. There is a commemoration of artefacts displayed in one part of the square in honour of those who lost their lives in this place.

Something that characterizes Independence Square is the various architecture that surrounds the area. When you find yourself among all of those buildings, you don’t know which one to take a picture of first. The main street is also known for being closed on weekends due to musician shows and for pedestrians as well. It is a great opportunity to bring kids here and show them the glow of this astonishing square.

As a metro is situated nearby, there are possibilities of quality shopping tours too. Underground shops cover everything you will possibly need. One of the most visited stores here is “Globus Mall”. But many other shops are connected to the metro too. You can find yourself some nice souvenirs to take home as well as affordable food and drinks. It can be beneficial to know it, for sure.

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Nearest Metro Maidan Nezalezhnosti Address Independence Square, Kyiv, Ukraine Open Every Day

How to Find Exit the metro, go up the stairs and you will see the square in front of you.

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