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Khreshchatyk Street represents the main street in the capital of Ukraine and one of its biggest tourist attractions.

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During the weekend, the street is closed to traffic and available only to pedestrians.

Like every capital city in the world, especially if it is a metropolis like Kyiv, has its main street. The one that is always filled with crowds and activities. Usually, streets that have the honour of being considered main in the city have a good cover-up for that. Khreshchatyk Street in Kyiv is not an exception.

This beautiful area covers a 1.2 kilometres long road that stretches from European Square on the north-east all the way to Bessarabska Square and Maidan (the central square) on the southwest where plenty of significant facilities can be seen. One that certainly catches the eye is Besarabsky Market.

Overall, the street represents a massive tourist attraction. Do you wonder why? Well, perhaps it is not common to see a street being so valuable. But Khreshchatyk Street truly is. This place boils from activity during the entire week. With dozens of great, architectural designs that fulfil the impression of the visitor, it offers everything that one tourist region should possess. 

Something that mustn’t be forgotten is that there are several facilities of huge urban and national importance situated along the street. The one that stands out is surely the Kyiv City Council that hosts state administration and cities’ councils too. Besides, tourists can see the buildings of the Agrarian Policies’ Ministry, the Main Post Office, the Central Department Store, Ukrainian House (which is known as a place for holding exhibitions), and The State Committee of Television & Radio Broadcasting. A lot of significant facilities are located in the same street, right?

Although the street itself had to suffer some massive losses in the form of Kyiv City Duma or the Ginzburg House during World War II, it managed to survive and remain one of the most visited places in Ukraine. Throughout the years that followed this disaster, the people of Ukraine renovated the street and brought it back to life. After all, the street is a member of the top 20 most expensive shopping streets in Europe.

Yes, you heard it right. Shopping is truly popular on Khreshchatyk Street in Kyiv. It boasts plenty of different restaurants, cafes, and souvenir stores. One specific area on the street where only shops and cafes are at disposal is the famous shopping corridor called “Kyiv Passage”. Additionally, there are underground activities too due to the existence of nearby subways. Shops like “Globus Mall” can truly satisfy all your demands and needs.

From architecture that amazes every visitor to shopping centres and restaurants that lure them to open their wallets, Khreshchatyk Street is on the list of each tourist who visits Kyiv. 

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