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Saint Volodymyrs’ Cathedral In Kyiv represents one of the major tourist attractions of this kind in entire Ukraine and an Orthodox place of huge importance.

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Although the city of Kyiv has many orthodox sanctuaries, churches, and monasteries, St. Volodymyrs’ Cathedral is among the most visited ones. Located in the centre of the city, it is a true attraction for anyone who passes by it, both by any type of vehicle or on foot. 

This cathedral represents the main facility of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church called “Kyiv Patriarchate” which is one of only 2 of the most significant churches in Kyiv. 

The primary purpose of building this fascinating object from the late 19th century was inspired by marking the existence of Orthodox Christianity in the city for a full 900 years. Done in Byzantine style, something that impresses the most is it’s exterior and interior too. The complete appearance of the cathedral puts its observers in awe. The first things that tourists can usually notice are 7 blue domes and the bright, yellow colour of the walls. This architectural piece of art can be seen from large distances which makes it easily approachable. 

Besides the exterior, the interior part is also magnificent and worth visiting. People can see dozens of murals that are flecked with pieces of golden accents. Just by simply looking at those artworks of great historical importance, tourists gain a desire to picture them. Sometimes it can be considered magical. The impact is immediate as soon as your eyes catch those saint walls and their murals. One of the things you mustn’t forget to see inside of the cathedral is the famous painting of “Volodymyr The Greats’ Baptism” which happened in Chersonesus. One interesting fact about this event is that shortly after the baptism inside the church finished, Volodymyrs’ body was herded into the Dnipro River in order to circle the baptism process.

The cathedrals’ place of founding was carefully selected with intentions to emphasize how huge importance Christianity and religion, in general, have for Kyivs’ citizens. Consequently, it is dedicated to their ruler, Volodymyr, who brought Christianity to the city.

In the long past, this religious facility was under the threat of complete demolition led by the Soviet dictator Stalin, but with the influence of the artist Mikhail Nesterov on him, he called off that action. As a consequence, the building hadn’t been used as a church back then. Firstly it was utilized as a “museum of atheism” because the Soviet dictator didn’t want any religious statues or monuments in the city to exist. Hence, he turned the cathedral into a social place. Later on, the teachers of training colleges often used the church as a book depository. Finally, in 1944, a massive outrage towards orthodox churches ended and since then, the cathedral gained the status of “The Cathedral Church Of The Metropolitan Of Kyiv”.

St. Volodymyr's Cathedral
St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral at Night

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