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Also known as Ostannya Barykada in Ukrainian, this well kept secret hidden below the main Independence Square in Kyiv is a must visit.

Top Tip

Go when it's quiet to experience all of it's secrets and the moving bar without spoilers

If you didn’t know this place existed, you would never find it, yet there are several windows looking directly into the restaurant from the shopping centre below and from the square directly above.

To find the Last Barricade, start within Globus Shopping Center under Maidan Nezalezhnosti square and find the hidden shop on the upper level. On the back wall of the shop, there is then a QR code which you can scan to reveal the password. Once you give the password to “cashier” (scroll down to find out what it is), the counter will move and you’ll be faced with a wardrobe to leave your coat and a wall of hands.

On your first visit, the helpful “cashier” will give you a guided tour of the restaurant and explain how it’s connected to the history of the place where it stands. There are several dining areas each with different themes and styles and also a movable bar to transport you between two of them.

Steak & Village Potatoes
Steak & Village Potatoes

Whilst the food is not expensive by European standards, it’s quite high for Kyiv. However, the quality it top-notch and totally worth it. The waiters all have tablets and they will happily show you a picture of each dish to help you decide.

It’s a nice place for lunch or dinner and they have live music on Friday and Saturday nights where you may need to reserve a table first.

This is one of the several restaurants owned by Dmytro Borysov in the city who specialises in affordable Ukrainian gastronomic culture.

Nearest Metro Maidan Nezalezhnosti Address The Last Barricade, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Kyiv, Ukraine Open Every Day

How to Find Enter the Globus shopping centre and locate the lift at the circular atrium end. In the lift press the button marked 'OB'. Enter the shop and give the password 'Boritesya-poborete!'

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