This rapid transport is popular a popular and cheap choice for locals. Find out about the unique Forest Tram line too!

Top Tip

Use the EasyWay application to see when the next tram will come

There are currently 23 different tram routes throughout the city with 5 of them being referred to as Light Rail, Rapid Trams or Kyiv Express Trams. These faster trams run on dedicated tracks segregated from regular traffic so are very quick and reliable.

Unfortunately a lot of the network is neglected as you’ll see by the old rolling stock and poor quality tracks and is slowly being replaced by buses. However, while they are still here they are a great alternative to buses in Kyiv and you should always choose the tram if it’s more convenient.

How to Use

Like on the buses, plan your route on Google maps to find the quickest method to your destination. You can also use the EasyWay application to see live times of the next tram and where it is on a map.

The price of a single trip on a tram is 8 UAH regardless of the length of the trip.

When you get on the tram you can pay by cash to the conductor or driver or use Kyiv Smart Card to go cashless. Don’t forget to stamp your ticket using one of the stamping machines.

Kyiv Forest Tram

There’s one special tram line in Kyiv that takes you on a journey through a picturesque forest to the neighbourhood of Pushcha-Voditsa. While in reality it’s just a normal tram line for locals, it’s an interest journey for others. You pass through the city neighbourhoods first, passing by street markets before coming to the forest section. For around 15 minutes you’ll see nothing but trees and nature before emerging in one of the suburbs. There’s not much to do at the other end except a park and a local cafe, but the journey really makes it worthwhile.

Take tram number 12 from Kontraktova Ploscha to experience this wonder. Alternative there is also a special cafe tram which you need to book in advance that runs on weekends where you can sit at a table and drink tea as the history of the route and city are explained to you by a local guide.

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Nearest Metro Kontraktova Ploshcha

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