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A mysterious bar with spellbound cocktails and light entertainment where you can celebrate Halloween every day of the year!

Top Tip

Call and book a table as it's very popular and usually requires a reservation

Lysa Gora is the famous witch bar located in Kyiv, Ukraine where you can drink various magical cocktails. The first thing you’ll notice as you are walking towards it is the contrast to the old apartment blocks and offices next to it. The outside is completely themed with purple wooden beams with witches flying and hats floating outside. Go through the door and down the stairs to get to the main bar area. It’s quite cosy inside which makes for a more intimate setting.

Once you are at your table, you’ll be presented with a pack of tarot cards and the process will be explained to you by the waitress. In a nutshell, you should choose a random card without looking and once everyone on your table has chosen a card, look in the associated book which is also on the table. This will tell you about the card you have chosen including which cocktail the card is linked to. On the page you’ll find the legend behind the card, the cocktail ingredients and the price. Give your order to the waitress and wait for it to arrive at your table.

The cocktails are very unique, and every one of them is presented differently; some will be all black with crushed ice and others will bubble and produce a foggy mist. In terms of food we’ve only tried the meat and bread platters which are a good complement to the drinks., but they offer a full menu of dishes for you to try.

On most nights they have live entertainment such as a Scottish bagpiper or a local singers  and they also have events throughout the year to celebrate the notable days from the witching calendar.

Overall, we can highly recommend this place due to the interesting experiences and atmosphere along with the tasty and unique cocktails, just make sure to reserve a table in advance as it can get quite busy!

4.7 ₴₴ English Friendly 16th May 2019
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Nearest Metro Zoloti Vorota Address Witch Bar, Bulvarno-Kudriavska Street, Kyiv, Ukraine Open Every Day

How to Find Look for the flying witch outside!

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