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If you ever wanted to visit the famous commercial place Podil in Ukraine or Kyiv’s Upper Town neighbourhood, then Andriyivskyy descent mustn’t be missed. This place connects those two areas and that is one of many reasons why tourists like coming here. Local tour guides often call this place “Montmartre of Kyiv” and it represents one of the major tourist attractions in the capital of Ukraine. What gives this historical area even bigger value is the fact that it has been listed as a national landmark by the government resolution.

As an inevitable part of cities’ reserve called “Ancient Kyiv”, this phenomenal street has one of the highest visit rates in the country. A steep downhill street that covers about 720 meters in length spreads from the end of Volodymyrska Street near Kontraktova Square. 

The street is characterized by cobblestones which are easy to detect. After all, its architectural design and features are something that visitors frequently emphasize. Throughout history, this beautiful place hosted many facilities of great historical as well as cultural importance. Some that catch the eye are Saint Andrew’s Church from the 18th century which represents a truly rare sample of legendary Elizabethan Baroque style design, the Castle of Richard the Lionheart from the beginning of the 20th century, and Mikhail Bulgakovs’ house, which was a famous Russian writer. For the lovers of historical artefacts and artworks, there is a museum dedicated to Ukrainian sculptor Ivan Kavaleridze who is also known as Ukrainian Michelangelo. Of course, those are only the most popular facilities located in Andriyivskyy Descent while many more monuments and important buildings can be seen.

Recently, there were some talks about the reconstruction of the place that dates from 2006 when the first such stories started to circulate around. Back then, a petition that contained more than 1000 signatures was on display and presented to local authorities. 3 years later, the reconstruction was approved by the Kyiv City Council administration and its official reconstruction was announced in the following year by Kyivs’ former Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky. However, even though finances related to this project were injected into the cities’ budget, the reconstruction is yet to be materialized.

Andriyivskyy descent is also famous for its peaceful atmosphere which benefits introverted people the most. But it doesn’t mean that extroverts are rare to see here. On the contrary, people of different nations, religious statuses, and characteristics can be seen. This place offers some special charm and makes visitors forget about the noisy moments that are present in other places around the capital. The environment of this outstanding is colourful and reflects the variety in terms of landscapes and sightseeing. 

There are several stairs to the left and right when going down the street. Feel free to climb them and be rewarded with wonderful viewpoints at the top.

From the places to grab a bite, there are PR BAR and Za Dvumya Zaytsami situated nearby.

Nearest Metro Kontraktova Ploshcha, Poshtova Ploshcha Address Andriivs'kyi descent, Kyiv, Ukraine Open Every Day

How to Find Use the nearest metro station, or walk down from the top from St Sophia's Cathedral

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