Dogs & Tails, Shota Rustaveli StOpen Every Day

A great place for pre-dinner drinks with gourmet hot dogs and scrumptious cocktails

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Don't forget to reserve a table when there are events on at Palats Sportu

Whoever thought of combining hot dogs and cocktails? What a genius! This elegant bar is tucked away down a short path from the main street, but once you find it you’ll be in for a treat.

As the name suggests, they primarily sell hot dogs, around 10 different styles in fact. My favourite is the traditional New Yorker with onions and mustard with a side of fries. They do have other dishes like salads, soups, fish and meat, but why would you bother when their speciality are hot dogs?

Dogs & Tails, Kyiv
A quirky painting on the wall

On the cocktail side they have a book dedicated to them! Organised by the base drink (vodka, gin, etc) it makes for an easy pick. The cocktails are tasty and mixed before your eyes at the bar to be presented gracefully with dried fruits or a even some greenery.

On weekends, they often have live music so it can get very busy especially if there is a concert happening across the road at Palats Sportu. The decor is superb and very swish, so perfect for relaxing.

Dogs & Tails also have a sister bar on the next road called Milk Bar which is more focussed around hipster food and healthy eating. You’ll probably see place mats from Milk Bar at Dogs & Tails and vice versa!

While it’s not the cheapest cocktail bar in Kyiv, the atmosphere and quality of the place and it’s offerings are well worth the price.

Dogs & Tails
Dogs & Tails Interior Sign

4.4 ₴₴ English Friendly 16th May 2019
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Nearest Metro Palats Sportu Address Dogs & Tails, Shota Rustaveli St, Kyiv, Ukraine Open Every Day

How to Find Find the metro exit on the other side of the road to the fountain and follow the path to the left throught the trees

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