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This phenomenal complex of Russian fortifications situated in the capital of Ukraine represents an architectural monument of big significance.

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The fortress consists of 4 main areas. Make sure to cover them all during your visit.

The capital of Ukraine can be praised with dozens of different monuments and places like Kyiv Fortress that are of huge significance for the country. After the council in Pereyaslav was convened, the construction of this historical place was announced. It has been built through different periods but the biggest consistency was shown during the reign of Nikolai The First, between the 1830s and 1850s. Different fortifications from the 17th to 19th century were built on the exact spot where the fortified monastery called “Kyiv Pechersk Lavra” existed. 

The Kyiv Fortress is a fortification that contains multiple divided sections. The western side consists of a hospital fortification as well as the famous Vasylkiv fortification too. The northern part includes Kyiv Arsenal areas whose parts are gendarme barracks and government buildings. The southern side includes the Khiv Pechersk citadel. Some of the buildings were also known as towers. Vasylkiv fortification has 3 of them at its disposal. The most popular Hospital Fortification had a single semi-tower. Something that can be beneficial for tourists to know is that the majority of the current buildings were recognized as historic. Among all the others, the one that stands out is called “The Hospital Fortification” and it represents the most famous part of the entire complex.

After many unsuccessful tries of defending these fortifications, they have completely lost their military value. Soon, it became a barracks and incarnation facility that has been used as a storage facility too. What is widely known is that some parts of the fortress were used to keep prisoners locked down. Those areas were almost the same as prisons. One of them that was used as a prison for inmates in the early 90s was called “Kosyi Caponier”. The majority of those prisoners were somehow connected with politics though. This specific part was raised in 1844 and its construction mainly consisted of bare brick and stones. However, its walls include loopholes for guns and cannons shootings as well as gun ports. What is fascinating is that the museum at this part was created during Soviet times. Today, here tourists can see “Condemned carriage” which represents a place of execution for the prisoners who were convicted to death. The fortress represents the biggest building in the entire Europe of this type that is made of earth. Also, it is the second-largest fortress of this type in the world. How amazing that is? 

What makes visitors stand in awe are the museums’ exhibits. A lot of different artillery and uniforms are at your disposal to see. 

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