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If you ever wondered whether you can find the entertainment of a lifetime in Kyiv Oblast, this fantastic park will surely fulfil your expectations.

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Take a photo here dressed in tradition costume which is available for hire

Situated in Kopachiv village in Kyiv Oblast lies a phenomenal historical park that represents the cultural centre of Kievan Rus’, also known as Kyivan Rus Park, the park will definitely satisfy your taste for Ukrainian culture and history.

Something that is considered the biggest value and characteristic of this phenomenal piece of land is its uniqueness. No other facility or tourist attraction that offers similar content that can be found in the entire region. It’s a one of a kind place that unites medieval European and Rus’ culture and that is what many locals and foreign tourists appreciate about this place.

The idea of creating such an interesting playground originated from the charitable organization called “Slavic fund”. The original intention was related to reconstructing the “Kyiv Detinets”, a fortified ancient Rus’ city from the 5th to 13th century and this organization was fully aware of how creating a cultural centre like this will have a big impact on the people. Covered with authenticity, architectural characteristics, and recreation of Kievan Rus’ atmosphere, this place is an iconic site to visit. Due to both the Rus’ and medieval European connotations, a lot of different warriors and knights are found here.

Park Kyyivs’ka Rus’ Attractions

Naturally, as a tourist, it would be beneficial for you to know what you can expect in such an outstanding park to see. It is adjusted to all ages and it offers fun moments filled with enthusiasm and thrill. Not only that, you can see interesting events but you can also participate in them. All you have to do is to wear cultural and traditional clothing that reminds you of the ones from 1.000 years ago and you are ready to compete in shooting arrows or participate in a combat festival.

From other activities that desperately await its visitors, you can witness stunning horse-stunt shows or cultural festivals. Something that regularly attracts attention from tourists is an international championship of ancient martial arts. The battles between the participants are always very interesting. It’s a good time to visit on weekends and holidays where they usually have special events organised. 

Additional attractions can be seen in the traditional restaurants inside where local cuisine is ready to get erased from the plates. Also, you can run into a local fortune teller that will take a look at your palm. 

Nearest Metro Vydubychi Address Park Kyyivsʹka Rusʹ, Kopachiv, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine Open Every Day

How to Find Take the direct bus 15 from Vydubuchi metro station

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