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Prepare to stand in awe in front of the second-largest shopping mall and entertainment complex in the whole of Ukraine. Purchase, explore, and have fun!

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Customer services are always friendly and the prices are visible in all stores and restaurants.

Shopping is an activity that many people like to do generally, especially when travelling abroad. The city of Kyiv is a truly perfect place just for that. Among many shops and stores, the one that surely stands out is the shopping mall Ocean Plaza. 

This is a relatively new but modern shopping centre that was founded in 2012. Covering approximately 165 thousand square meters of surface, this place hosts more than 30 restaurants and 400 stores. It also has 1,700 parking spaces available in front and around the building as well as 7 constructed floors. After “Dream Town”, this shopping mall is the biggest one in the city.

Something very characteristic of it is the variety of content it can provide people with. Besides many fancy stores and catering facilities with their delicious specialities, you can also see a massive aquarium and a multi screen movie theatre. That’s the reason why this place is considered a “small town”. It offers something from everything and what is more important, it is always interesting to visit it.

Ocean Plazas’ Tourist Attractions

It offers plenty of entertainment which makes people spend several hours inside without even realising it. This shopping mall has many tourist attractions ready to amaze its visitors and they start before you enter the malls’ halls. What often impresses tourists is the design of its exterior. It reminds people of ocean waves and that’s how the mall got its name. Every glass element contains special led lights with effects that project dynamic advertisement and contain different colour compositions.

However, the biggest attractions are located inside for example, it’s huge aquarium that has over 1,000 species of marine animals. This 350 tons weight aquarium is the biggest one in entire Eastern Europe. It is perfect for kids who like seeing the flow and swim of various animals. But if someone gets tired from walking around the shopping mall, there are plenty of places to rest or you can even watch an English film in Kyiv in the cinema there. The cinema is known as the first place where a movie was presented in 7D.

Nearest Metro Lybidska Address Ocean Plaza, Antonovycha Street, Kyiv, Ukraine Open Every Day

How to Find Exit the metro and turn right, walk through the tunnel and you will see Ocean Plaza in front of you

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