St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery, Triokhsviatytelska StreetOpen Every Day

St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery is another in a sea of sanctuary places in Kyiv that attracts thousands of tourists each year.

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There are a few awkward ascents near the monastery that leads towards the river terminal. But be careful, it’s very steep.

Situated on the right side of the Dnieper River, this monastery overlooks one of the most popular merchants and commercial places in the entire city, The Podil neighborhood. This monastery is like almost any other in Kyiv in terms of significance and history. Although it can’t be imagined that such a traditional facility has no national or urban value, that is surely not the case with any of Kyivs’ churches, monasteries, or sanctuaries. Hence, this building truly possesses massive historical importance. Do you wonder why is that the case?

Well, it was built in the Middle ages. Its founder is Sviatopolk II Iziaslavych who was the supreme ruler of Kievan Rus’ for 20 years, from 1093 to 1113. This monastery is constructed as a small complex of several buildings. That’s the reason why the visit of this phenomenal architectural design would be even more impressive as tourists will get more than they probably expected. Among the facilities that are part of the monastery except for the Cathedral itself, people can see the Economic Gate from 1760, monasteries’ Bell Tower that was additionally built between 1716-1719, and the Refectory of St. John the Divine from 1713 that is dedicated to John the Evangelist, and author of the Gospel of John.

It is well-known that some of the most represented styles of constructing in Kyiv are Byzantine and Baroque. But this monastery possesses a little of both. Namely, its exterior is constructed in Ukrainian Baroque while the interior remains the same, in Byzantine style. In terms of historical events that involved this sacred place, the one that stands out is its demolition in the 1930s that was led by Soviet authorities. Luckily, it managed to get its full rework after Ukrainian independence. 8 years after it was proclaimed, in 1999, an official start of monasteries’ reconstruction began. By the May of 2000th, it was totally finished. And since then, it became a massive tourist attraction and looked up to better, brighter days.

Something that amazes visitors about this little complex is, of course, its golden domes by whom it became so popular worldwide. They leave a staggering impression on its observers. St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery got its name from the Kyivs’ patron saint, St. Michael. Although the domes are the ones that catch the eye first, their blue walls also attract big attention. 

However, what often leave visitors stunned are nearby monuments. Less than 400ft away, 2 significant monumental places that left many people without a breath are open to the public. Those are the “Za Dvumya Zaitsami” and “Princess Olha” monuments. In addition, visitors can see a touch of Stalins’ lack of humanity after exiting the monastery ground.

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Nearest Metro Poshtova Ploshcha Address St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery, Triokhsviatytelska Street, Kyiv, Ukraine Open Every Day

How to Find Take the funicular from the metro and walk 2 minutes straight and you will see it on the left.

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