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Visiting this park of historical significance for the entire country of Ukraine is always something special. Don’t miss your chance to get to know this place.

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It's a nice place for a picnic with views over the Dnipro river

The capital of Ukraine is a city that offers dozens of natural beauties and places of great importance. One of them is surely Park of Eternal Glory too. This natural habitat is situated between Dnieper Descent and Lavrska Street. The first things of bigger value that can be detected around the park are Glory Square and one of the oldest fortresses in the city, Kyiv-Pecherska.

The full name of this place is actually longer than you might expect. Namely, it is called “The Park of Eternal Glory to the Soldiers of World War II” which indicates its dedication to military members of the second world war that unfortunately lost their lives in a battle. 

This phenomenal area is an entire memorial complex consisting of many historical monuments and statues of great value. Here, tourists often come to commemorate the ones who died fighting for their motherland. Their heroic achievements deserved at least to be respected and people clearly recognize that.

From dozens of legacies around the park, the one that takes the central spot is called “The Glory Obelisk” from 1957. It is a tomb dedicated to fallen soldiers of the Red Army who bravely fought to the death in World War II. There is also a fantastic eternal flame that burns indefinitely. It is placed to honour these men the way they only could hope for. It represents a huge tourist attraction and people often like to take pictures of this flame. Additionally, there is a massive, 27 meters high obelisk over the tomb which fulfils the experience of the visitors. To prevent you from struggling to find this place, just follow the road of “The Alley of Heroes” which leads directly to it.

From other tourist attractions in the park, the one that must be mentioned is a monument to the “Victims of Starvation Times”. This magnificent piece of history is one of the latest installed in the complex. What characterizes it the most is its bell tower situated in the centre of it. The specific shape of the tower in the form of the burning candle gives a great impression of the monument.

Big Tradition of the Park

As a natural complex of long history, it is not surprising that it brings some traditions over its back. Something very characteristic of the Park of Eternal Glory is the presence of newly-weds. This is a huge tradition that never stopped being respected by all brides and grooms. They usually come here after the wedding ceremony at the registry office and lay down some flowers at the monument of an Unknown Soldier. If they come here in the time close to the night, they frequently like spending time on a nearby observation terrace.

Here, they are able to see eye illusion that puts all the visitors in awe. A highway that can be seen looks like the road to heaven from movies and fairy tales. It is something that all newly-weds dream of.

Nearest Metro Arsenalna Address Park of Eternal Glory, Lavrska Street, Kyiv, Київська обл., Ukraine Open Every Day

How to Find Visit this park on the way to Pechersk Lavra

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