Everyone knows Uber and they are now here in Ukraine too. This cheap and affordable service is a quick way to get around.

Top Tip

Kyiv is one of the few, if not only countries where you can actually request an Uber by phone by dialling 9988.

Uber Launched in Kyiv in July 2016 to much fanfare rivalling local competitor Uklon and traditional taxis. Whilst before it was more difficult for foreigners to call taxis, speak to the driver and handle cash, now all you need to do it tap a few buttons on the app and be on your way. You don’t even need to speak to the driver if you don’t want or can’t. Their other competitor in the city is Bolt/Taxify who have better promotions than Uber.

The standard of cars is generally fine and cars are kept tidy, often they even have Uber written on the side. Just don’t expect a Toyota Prius like in London, rather more standard cars like VW Polos or Skoda Fabias.

Uber in Kyiv by Phone
A metro advertisement showing you can call 9988 to request an Uber

Fares & Prices

Uber is very competitive in Kyiv and probably is one of the cheapest Uber countries in the world. A 15 minute ride will set you back on average 70 UAH which is around £2 or just over 2 Euros. You can pay by card or cash, just select your preferred option in the app before you ride.

There is a flat fee of 330 UAH to Boryspil airport from the centre, but as with all Uber fares it’s subject to surge pricing which can see the price rise to 500 UAH or more as you can see in the screenshot at the end of this article.

Car Classes

Uber currently has 5 different car options in the city:

  • UberX – The cheapest variant, but you still usually get comfortable cars anyway.
  • Select – A little bit tidier and more expensive cars, but not much different to UberX.
  • UberBlack – Expect a Mercedes or a BMW, but nothing modern or too executive like you’d find in other countries.
  • Green – The newest car type is an electric, zero emission car. There’s only a few around at the moment, so expect limited availability.
  • UberVan – Not actually a van, but can seat up to 6 people.

I’d recommend to stick with UberX as you do often get free upgrades to Select. If you have the money, splurge for UberBlack but don’t expect lots from it.

Uber to Boryspil Airport / Surge Pricing Example
Uber to Boryspil Airport / Surge Pricing Example

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