The original Ukrainian taxi app has been redesigned for the modern era, but can it compete with it’s international rivals Uber and Bolt?

Top Tip

Tweak the price for a better deal, but be warned drivers are less likely to respond to your request

The very first Ukrainian taxi app launched in 2010, 6 years before it’s rivals Uber and Bolt/Taxify came on to the scene. The app has evolved from a quite complicated service and has been redesigned to work the same way as it’s competitors so is now much more user friendly.

Cars seem to be slightly lower quality than Uber and Bolt, but still fine for short journeys. There is an option when requesting to set preferences like driver language, silent driver, air conditioning, but these are likely to be ignored anyway. You can also order cars online without the app which is a unique feature.

Fares & Prices

Fares are good, but usually slightly higher than it’s competitors. There is however a unique feature of the app where you can change the price yourself to something lower than suggested. If you do this, there is a lower chance of getting a ride, but certainly worth a try.

There is no flat fee to Boryspil airport, but the price is usually around 350 UAH.

Car Classes

Uklon currently has 6 different car options in the city:

  • Standard – Comparable to UberX, a standard car.
  • Comfort – A little bit better than standard, comparable to UberSelect.
  • Business – Usually a higher-end car, comparable to UberBlack
  • Wagon – A hatchback car for carrying larger items, similar to UberVan
  • Minibus – Have a big family? This is ideal for you.
  • Driver – You can drive the car yourself!

Standard is fine for most journeys, but it can sometimes be pot luck to what quality of car you get.

Uklon trip to Boryspil
Uklon trip to Boryspil

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