Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany), Vulytsya Medova

The smaller of the two Kyiv airports, Zhuliany is closest to the centre and just 15 minutes from the centre.

Top Tip

Take a flight on Motor Sich who are known for their old planes (they have curtains!). A truly unique experience.

Recently renamed from Zhuliany Airport, it’s now officially called Igor Sikorsky Airport after the Russian-American aviation pioneer. However everyone still refers to it as the old name, so if you get lost or need a taxi just ask for Zhuliany.

Generally home to more low cost and smaller airlines than Boryspil Airport, the advantage is that it’s less busy and much more convenient with it’s more central location. It’s also home to the State Aviation Museum which is well worth a visit.


As of 2019, there are 2 operational passenger terminals:

  • Domestic Terminal – Motor Sich is the main operator of domestic flights from this terminal.
  • International Terminal – Wizz Air is the main airline of this terminal along with flights from Polish LOT airlines along with several smaller and charter airlines.

You can check your departing terminal by searching for your flight on the official airport web site, but if you get the wrong one they are only 2 minutes walk apart.

A new extension to the international terminal is currently under construction to improve capacity.

Zhuliany Airport, Kyiv
Zhuliany Airport, Kyiv

Getting to and from Zhuliany Airport

Transport connections to the airport are more limited compared to Boryspil Airport and the best and quickest way is to just take an Uber to your destination.

Uber/Bolt (Taxify)

Both Uber and Bolt serve the airport and only 15 minutes drive from most hotels in the centre.

Uber/Bolt cost: ~100 UAH

Public Transport

You should walk out of the airport and past the entrance gates to where the plane is outside the front on the grass. From there, there is a bus stop and you can take Trolleybus 9 to Palats Sportu Metro Station in the centre.

Public Transport cost: 8 UAH


As soon as you exit arrivals you’ll be greeted by lots of people asking if you want a taxi. These are not official taxis and you should politely say no and continue outside to take an Uber.

Zhuliany Airport Lounges

There are three airport lounges, two in the international terminal and one in the domestic terminal. Access is free for business class tickets or for a fee at the entrance. All three lounges accept Priority Pass cards.

Zhuliany Airport Lounge
Zhuliany Airport Lounge

Food is fairly standard with hot and cold options along with a variety of alcoholic and hot/cold beverages.

Don’t pay at the entrance and instead go to an airport cafe unless you have free access.

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Nearest Metro Vokzalna Address Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany), Vulytsya Medova, Kyiv, Ukraine

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