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Friendship of Nations Arch in Kyiv is an extraordinary half-circle-shaped monument that attracts thousands of tourists annually

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Try to visit it at night to see its full glow

This fascinating piece of culture was designed by an architect I. Ivanov and a sculptor A. Skobilkov in 1982. The monument contains 3 sculptural elements of which 2 are statues and the one is a large arch-shaped structure. Along with All-Union Lenin Museum, nowadays known as Ukrainian House, this monument was opened to the public with the purpose to celebrate the 1500th anniversary of the Ukrainian capital city and also in commemoration of the USSRs’ 60th anniversary. However, the government announced its plans back in 2016 related to the destruction of the monument due to decommunszation laws. 2 years later, Volodymyr Vlatrovych, an honoured director of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance officially spoke to the public announcing that dismantlement of the monument must be applied because decommunization laws find it necessary. The plan was to build a memorial site dedicated to War in Donbas veterans. The monument is also famous because of the Eurovision competition that occurred in 2017. Its arch was temporarily replaced with a remarkable rainbow that was covered with bright lights during the night.

Something that never stops to put visitors in amazement is a titanium-made arch that is 50m in diameter. When it comes to statues that complete this phenomenal architectural piece, one is made of bronze and shows Ukrainian and Russian workers while holding the Soviet Order of Friendship of Peoples. Another one is made of granite steel and displays participants of the Pereyaslav Council of 1654. 

Another significant part of this monument is its location. As it is situated behind the National Philharmonic Society of Ukraine which consists of 2 adjacent concert halls that are located in Ukrainian famous Khreshchatyk park, views from the monument become even more precious and glamorous. Also, tourists can have a breath-taking view on the Shore Highway and Park Bridge as the monument little complex is located on the right bank of the Dnieper River which is the most popular water surface in the city.

Furthermore, visitors often get impressed by the views that can be seen beyond the Friendship of Nations Arch monument. It offers views from fairy tales to all nature lovers. The colourful greenery of the steppes that spread until the eyes can see leaves its observers in awe. Beautiful views that go all to the horizon can inspire creative people who are somehow related to the arts to make some of their best pieces. Hence, many writers, musicians, and movie producers are common to see as they look for a blink of inspiration at the monument site.

Most recently in 2019, the pedestrian bridge was installed next to the arch. The arch is sometimes also referred to as the “People’s Friendship Arch”.

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