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Kinoteatr Cinema, Kyiv

English Cinema in Kyiv

Love to watch films, but don’t understand Ukrainian? Find out how to watch English cinema here!

Milk Bar, Kyiv

Milk Bar

A paradise for cake lovers and healthy eaters, Milk Bar is a great lunch or breakfast option

Dogs & Tails, Kyiv

Dogs & Tails

A great place for pre-dinner drinks with gourmet hot dogs and scrumptious cocktails

Marshrutka in Kyiv


Think of a mini bus or a transit van packed with up to 40 people squeezed in like a tin of sardines!

Kyiv Metro

Kyiv Metro

There’s only 3 lines, but they’re quick and efficient. Find out how to use and pay for the metro and about the world’s deepest metro station!

Ukrainian Railways Train

Kyiv Railway Station

Find out how to buy and use tickets for both domestic and international rail services running to Ukraine.

Kyiv Funicular

Kyiv Funicular

Take this 3 minute trip for amazing views over the Dnipro river and surrounding area.

Trams in Kyiv

Trams, Light Rail & Forest Tram

This rapid transport is popular a popular and cheap choice for locals. Find out about the unique Forest Tram line too!

Bus in Kyiv

Buses & Trolleybuses

Buses are quick and frequent in the city and essential for visiting anywhere not reachable by metro.

Kyiv Smart Card

Kyiv Smart Card

Kyiv is going cashless with the introduction of a smart card system for transport in the city. Where can it be used and what are the benefits?

Uklon in Kyiv

Uklon in Kyiv

The original Ukrainian taxi app has been redesigned for the modern era, but can it compete with it’s international rivals Uber and Bolt?

Bolt (Taxify) Kyiv

Bolt/Taxify in Kyiv

With more promotions than it’s rival, this Estonian based taxi app is certainly worth a look.